Long-Term Video Content & Promotional Strategy Consultation

Smart marketers plan ahead. Today, video plays a key role in the marketing content strategy of any company. Like all other content your company needs to produce, video should be part of a long-term strategy designed to help you achieve your marketing and sales goals.

>> Book a long-term video strategy session to help you determine where, when, and how much video makes sense to support your sales and marketing goals in the year ahead. Our digital content strategists will review your strategy and advise how video can be used to drive business growth in connection to some of the following tactics:

  • Email campaigns
  • Sales enablement
  • Website performance
  • SEO/PPC campaigns
  • Media relations 
  • Events 
  • Investment & fundraising efforts

We have produced dozens of videos to help companies tap the power of digital storytelling to engage and convert prospects. 

The outcome of this session will also include a promotional strategy for video to ensure any content you produce is worth the investment:

  •  Planning ahead and tying your video production to a targeted audience distribution plan guarantees success.  Our follow up tactical guide will identify a strategy for videos you plan to create with us, or for videos you may have produced elsewhere or internally.
  •  Additionally, learn how to use video in your established sales/marketing channel, uncover additional tactics and new ways to ensure the video is seen by the audience for which it was intended.


Strategy session and custom video content creation plan and promotional guide: $1,500