“Kathy Berardi and the Red Clip Video team were very focused from the get-go on my project to produce an animated explainer video on the Cloud Sidekick solution. Their streamlined approach helped our team to develop the vision for what we needed our video to convey in a short amount of time to our target customer audience. And, from there – the Red Clip team skillfully delivered on the visuals and thev script to carry that message home in a way that captured an audience’s interest and kept them engaged to want to then learn more about Cloud Sidekick. I appreciated Kathy and her team’s high-level view and commitment to the video’s marketing goals and the way in which she guided our team to be an essential part of the process.” 

– Dennis Ehle, CEO & Founder, Cloud Sidekick

B2B Technology Solution (Motion Graphics)

"While serving as the VP of marketing for an IT security company, I worked with the Red Clip Video team to produce a motion graphics video in a very compressed timeline ahead of the biggest security industry trade show of the year. Our company was launching a first of its kind data encryption solution that had the potential to be complex when first introduced. The Red Clip Video team effectively boiled down the solution’s concept into a message that was relatable and immediate to our targeted customer audience. From the script to the visual elements and managing of the entire production process – Red Clip Video did an amazing job and delivered an impactful video that we used with much success both in our trade show booth as well as online.” 

- David Sutton, Technology Marketing Veteran, Previous VP of Marketing, nuBridges

enterprise technology solution (Brand entertainment)

“Kathy Berardi of Red Clip Video was engaged by Jelastic to develop and execute a set of videos that illustrated Jelastic's product and team in an engaging, memorable and ‘different’ way. She worked very well with the team, with outstanding communication throughout the process, and delivered (in a very tight timeframe) a professional final product that delivered on the vision. She handled every element of production including casting, storyboarding, location selection and managing the crew. Great job and highly recommended.” 

– Mark Nagaitis, VP of Marketing, Jelastic

B2B Security Provider (Live Action, On-Location Shoot)

“Having had previous knowledge of the Red Clip Video’s team experience with high-stakes Hollywood entertainment, I started the production process for a project documenting our manufacturing facility’s sustainability program for our most important retail customer. Red Clip Video effectively positioned our sustainability program in a way that was accurate and precise; and successfully managed an on-site production that resulted in a video that presented us at our best for this customer, whose physical security needs we continue to service today.” 

- Andrew Wren, CEO of Wren Solutions

Healthcare Practice Management (Sales Demo Video)

“At the time when I worked with the Red Clip Video team, it was to produce a video to help a sales team present the offerings of a healthcare solutions company. The video was produced as a tool to engage an audience of healthcare providers needing to overcome the challenges they faced with medical billing to allow them to focus on patient care. We effectively used the video both as key piece of collateral for our sales teams in highly competitive medical fields to share with prospects as well as in our online marketing and social media campaigns.” 

– Caroline Ryan, Healthcare Marketing Professional, former Director of Marketing at Orion HealthCorp

Ecommerce Brands
(Hired Spokesperson)

“As a fashion brand with both stores and an online presence, we continuously tap the team behind Red Clip Video to create fun, hip videos with a hired spokesperson to highlight our latest seasonal styles. Their team makes the process extremely easy and efficient from start to finish. And, the end result is always a video that piques our customers’ interest in checking out our new products. We’ve also found the videos to be strategic tools that complement other key marketing tactics like eblasts, SEO campaigns and social media efforts.” 

– Klane Murphy, CEO, DownEastBasics.com